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Become a Patient

Welcome to our office! Thank you for trusting us with the care of your family. 

We look forward to meeting you to see how we can help you heal and optimize your health.

Download, print and fill out our Intial Intake form. Please bring it with you to the clinic for your first visit.

What our patients are saying...

"I have noticed a significant decline in headaches and neck pain. In the year or so that I have been seeing Dr. Zoran, I can also say that my lower back pain has decreased and to be honest, I was beginning to think it wasn't possible. In my opinion, Chiropractic is a real solution to many painful issues going on in the body.  Dr. Zoran is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly!
I would definitely recommend him!"
~ P.C. ~

"Tremendous improvement! Last week, I painted my ceiling and walls (2 coats), installed ceiling tiles, sat on the floor yoga style - pain free! (I have never been able to do this). My neck pain disappeared very early in my chiropractic treatments. And I definitely have more energy!" ~ B.D. ~

"My blood pressure has dropped by 10 points!" ~ T.K. ~

"For more than 10 years, I had suffered with upper and lower back  and shoulder pain, especially during cold weather. I started chiropractic care in September, and have experienced great relief. I can sleep well, I can work will with no problems. I was surprised that at this time in the winter, I can't feel any pain that I normally would. I know that this change is the effect of my chiropractic treatment. I was so reluctant at first to go through the process, and thought I would just try it to see if there was any improvement. Wow! I am so glad I did. My friends even notice that I am not complaining about my back and shoulder problems anymore." ~ D.B. ~ 

"I once made the comment to Dr. Zoran that since coming to him, it's like someone has taken WD-40 and sprayed on my back to loosen my joints. My back is feeling more relaxed and I have seen the effect that chiropractic can have and strongly recommend it to everyone!" ~ M.C. ~

"I used to have constant lower back pain that made it difficult to work and enjoy daily life. I have experienced a drastic reduction in pain, along with no more numbness and tingling in the tips of my fingers any more! My advice is to be committed, because it takes time for your body to heal." ~ N.M. ~

"I had severe tightness in my lower back, causing gripping sciatica pain in my left leg, from my lower back down to my calf. I found that with chiropractic adjustments, my body was able to perform the healing necessary  for a better life. My constipation is gone, and my bladder urgency has lessened. The gripping pain in my left leg has diminished to a lower back tightness that is continuing to improve." ~ M.S. ~


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