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Three Phases of Care

Our goal is to help you reach your health potential!

Initial Intensive Care

Your initial intensive phase of care deals with stopping the degeneration your spine is experiencing, and to begin the process of reversing the damage that has been done. This stage of care lasts a different length of time for each patient, depending on the issues you are experiencing, the length of time the misalignments (subluxations) have been present, the cause of the subluxations and your expected outcome for reversing the damage.

Corrective Care


The corrective care phase begins when your spine’s degeneration has halted and has had time to begin the healing process. This corrective phase works to shift your vertebrae back into the correct alignment that will allow your body to function at its best. This is the time that we begin to introduce specific exercises to help your spine reach its most optimal position.

Wellness Care


Your wellness care continues from your corrective phase to maintain the correction you have received in your ongoing treatments. This is the most important part of your care, because it is critical to maintain the correction and healing that is happening. Wellness care helps to offset all of the daily activities that you do that can cause problems in your spine and nervous system.

Ongoing stress, repetitive movements, injuries and electronic devices that have your neck protruding forward, along with all of the things that caused your subluxations in the first place are most likely still present in your life. To combat potentially reversing your spinal correction and regressing your health gains, it is very important to maintain the correction you have experienced in your care by committing

to wellness care.


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